Working as an artist can be the most rewarding and exhilarating life path. Creating the time to work on your chosen art form can be a challenge. I have been a working artist for over a decade, and I would like to share with you how I do it. What changed for me was hosting in-person workshops. I know workshops can generate income and growth. Whether you are a budding artist or a seasoned professional- there is always room to grow!
Let’s get started on the journey to building the perfect workshop or series in your creative niche.

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Join our community full of amazing artists that teach what they know. All are at different points in mastering their workshop hosting skills and each one is improving what they offer each day! If you aspire to host workshops, then this is the BEST place to begin. I promise to provide you with valuable information on how to get your workshop out there. Not to mention, you will find top-notch creatives with their own amazing expertise who are willing to SHARE it, right inside the group.


Our courses are designed to get your creative workshop live  right away. You will learn how to design and plan an exceptional workshop, all ready to offer to your audience. This course is designed to inspire weekly actions through it’s sequence that puts your workshop in motion from DAy 1. If you have been looking for a strategy to take you from planning to workshop launch, then this e-course is for you. You will learn the the most important factors in workshop planning from how to choose a topic, hone your expertise, location, pricing along with how to position your workshop in a crowded marketplace to amplify you: the creative artist behind the brand.  Bonuses include how to work with brands, plan a pop-up and how to create a series. This e-course is designed to to create abundance for you to take you art form to a whole new level. The Creative Workshop Formula course will launch on January 28th, and will run at an extreme discounted rate for 10 lucky creatives, who commit to taking their brand to the next level in 2020.

The Creative Workshop Formula
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