You might be feeling a lot of feelings right now, and I’m guessing your life may be different today than just a few weeks ago. I know things changed overnight for me. I had 2 in-person workshops planned and 1 business summit. Not to mention a trip to India to work on my new textile line. All that shifted overnight, and with these changes I found a renewed sense of purpose.  Once I adjusted to the initial disappointment of changing plans, I realized there is no time like the present to serve my community of creatives. I am reaching out to say there are a LOT of things that we can be doing RIGHT NOW to grow and shape our business for this next phase. In fact, I created a guide that I will share with you. I share WHY to teach online, and HOW to take your creative skills online quickly. I want you to know there are a lot of opportunities for you to explore in the midst of this current crisis. Be sure to join my list, if you would like helpful info like this delivered directly to you. You can receive and explore the rest of the free guide here