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3 reasons why I host workshops.

Today, I am going to share a secret with you~ as many of you know, I have been hosting workshops now for about 5 years now, plus teaching and mentoring artists for many more. Over the years, my interest in Interior design and the fine arts led me to create a textile line. I found myself wanting more time to dedicate to the development of my textile practice and work out in my sunny garden studio…which is when I discovered workshop hosting and I want to share it with you. Below, I am going to tell you 3 reasons why I host workshops and why I think you should host workshops too.

1. Earnings

One awesome reason to host workshops is the income that you can generate from Day 1. At first, the income started off smaller, but I still made a nice profit! I tested the market to find out more about what I could charge. Next, I did a little research to to see what other similar people were charging. Now, I create a valuable experience around what I’d like to earn. Hosting a few workshops has earned me additional thousands monthly. Some offshoots of workshop hosting are private lessons, pop-ups, small group privates, corporate workshops, and brand collaborations. Now, I find my self only committing to the workshops that I really want to teach, and when it is in line with what I currently earn from my expertise. Earning more can give you the funds to explore your art form along with the freedom of having your time back, which is very important.

2. Growth

Just 3 years ago, I held my first Indigo Shibori workshop. Shibori is a Japanese an art form that has captivated me for many years. I first fell in love with the spontaneous nature of the patterns. Along with indigo and the varying shades of natural blue that arise from the dye vat after multiple dips. 
At that time, I felt like I was stuck on a hamster wheel of hourly teaching commitments, with little to no time to practice my chosen art form, except on the weekends. Have you ever felt that way? Like your time is so limited?  If so, I truly believe that hosting in-person workshops, is one way to get more time to practice and study what interests you. When you teach and prepare a workshop, you grow and discover new things about the medium. 

3. Inspiration

Not only will you grow from workshop hosting, but you will inspire others. It feels really good to share something that I have devoted my time to learn and practice. You will find all sorts of people to inspire, from those that need a creative outlet from their careers to other artists. I love it when other textile designers take my class. I think it’s so awesome that we can inspire each other. About a year ago, a group of 3 friends had attended a pop-up of mine. A few months later, she was dyeing things in her kitchen using avocados as dye. The next month, she and her friends purchased my Shibori Kit. Later, they reportedly up-cycled a good portion of the white clothing in their wardrobe. I love to hear stories like this because it means that something I shared, made someone think differently about their clothing and in this way expanded/shifted their world view. Isn’t that amazing? I genuinely believe that each of us has something wonderful to share with the world and that is exactly what we are here to do

The Next Steps...

If earning more income, growing your skill set, and inspiring others sounds perfect to you, then, I would love to invite you to be on the list to receive your first tiny offer! This offer will allow you to take the first steps towards your goals of growth. I’d also like to invite you to like the Creator’s Path page. This space is dedicated to helping creatives launch their best workshops in 2020 and beyond. Be the first to learn all tips hear offers about how to start and grow your workshop business. I can’t wait to get you started on this road to success from the very first day. I will be sharing all the shortcuts that I know to build your in person workshop business from the first day.

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