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Intro to Natural Dyes

.Intro to Natural Dyes is a natural dyers dream come true! Learn about Natural Dyes through this exciting e-course. Are you looking for an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of natural dyeing in a relaxed setting with guided lessons? Maybe you want guidance or would like the opportunity to work alongside a virtual community. Now you can explore the magical world of natural dyes in a meaningful way. In this course, you will work with 3 fundamental dyes and understanding the associated processes, such as mordanting, mordanting with tannin and scouring. The hues of golden pomegranate, vermilion madder root, and indigo blue hues makes this course a study in the primary colors of the world of natural dyes. Take a look at all that is included.

The Creative Watercolor

Have you ever wanted learn the basics of watercolor painting with simple and fun projects?  In the Creative Watercolor Artist you will learn to paint beautiful projects, while you enjoy the process of watercolor painting. Discover the joy of watercolor and relaxation, while learning to paint. Get started painting today >>> 

What creatives are saying...

Feeling pretty dang cool and glamorous in my new scarf! Thank you Hilary! I had a wonderful 4 weeks in your natural dye workshop. I’m hooked!
Anne Rybak
Artist & Educator
"Loving this class and learning so much."
Parvindia Kaur
Founder/owner of Namastate

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