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The Profit from Workshops Method

The Profit from Workshops Method teaches you how to escape the grind of living paycheck to paycheck through profitable workshops and classes. Learn how I earn 3K  or more per month in supplementary income hosting workshops adding 5 figures each year- working part-time. In this e-course, learn everything you need to know to design and deliver a well-crafted workshop that can be offered again and again.  Discover how your workshop can be taken online and impact your audience’s lives. You were meant to build a lifestyle around what excites and inspires you.

All lessons are presented in a beautiful engaging video format, please see a sample from our lesson on Proposals below ~ free proposal guide included as a bonus!

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“Hilary has been an inspiration from her advice to her easy to follow program which guides creatives in a direction that furthers their endeavors. She helped me to realize my creative potential and set me on a path to be more fulfilled in this pursuit. I am ready to set my plans into action! ”

Aysha Manori
Art Director, Creative Entrepreneur

“Hilary is so amazing kind and knowledgeable in her niche of teaching how to profit from workshops for creatives! She helped me gain so much clarity and confidence to take my next step in teaching my own art courses. She gave me actionable guidance and direction that's worth it's weight in gold. Generalized courses sometimes fail to address the unique needs of creatives, but Hilary knows the exact pain points and the right solutions that will help them move the needle in their business. I highly recommend Hilary to any artist, she's the support and guide that you don't know you need." 

Vani Shukla

Intro to Natural Dyes

Intro to Natural Dyes is a natural dyers dream come true! Learn about Natural Dyes through this exciting e-course. Are you looking for an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of natural dyeing in a relaxed setting with guided lessons? Maybe you want guidance or would like the opportunity to work alongside a virtual community. Now you can explore the magical world of natural dyes in a meaningful way. In this course, you will work with 3 fundamental dyes and understanding the associated processes, such as mordanting, mordanting with tannin and scouring. The hues of golden pomegranate, vermilion madder root, and indigo blue hues makes this course a study in the primary colors of the world of natural dyes. Take a look at all that is included.

All lessons are presented in an engaging video format, please see a sample below!

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"Feeling pretty dang cool and glamorous in my new scarf! Thank you Hilary! I had a wonderful 4 weeks in your natural dye workshop. I’m hooked!”

Anne Rybak
Artist & Educator

"Loving your class and learning so much!

Parvindia Kaur
DEsigner & Owner of NamastatE

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