For Entrepreneurs

Visible and Abundant Mastermind

Are you a successful entrepreneur, who would you love to follow a proven path to grow your creative, wellness or holistic business beyond 6-figures? 

Our group program is currently closed and will re-open again in the Fall. To be notified when it opens. Join the waitlist to be the first to know! 

Artist's group

Profit from Online Workshops

Discover how you can create your Profitable Online Workshop to grow your following and create a lifestyle around doing what you love. You were meant to reach a broader community. 

Explore the connection between workshops & a digital course studio, so you can learn and build a lifestyle doing what you love! 

Visible and Abundant Masterclass

New masterclass shows you how to become the Visible & Abundant expert in your Niche. Discover the path to creating a 6-figure business doing what you love. 

Available for a limited time LIVE this Thursday >>> 

All lessons are presented in a beautiful engaging format.

Meet your Instructor

Hilary L Hahn is an entrepreneur, expert & artist. She has taught hundreds of signature workshops which led to  collaborations with tops brands: Jenni Kayne, Vince, Herman Miller & Molton Brown to name a few. She guides a community of creatives, experts, and entrepreneurs to spark growth within their own small businesses & artistic brands. Hilary lectures at top colleges in the U.S. She loves working with creatives, teachers, and entrepreneurs to support business minded creatives ready to achieve their goals and reach for their dreams.