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The Abundant Creative

Grow your creative business, get visible and thrive! Our newest program to help you align and grow your creative brand with simply and profitably without hiring a social media manager or investing heavily in PR. You will learn how to make yourself stand out and engage with your community to experience real growth and profits. 

Artist's group

Our Courses on Workshops

The Profit from Workshops method

Design your signature workshop and use it to attract clients to your brand. Learn how I earn 3K per month or more in additional income by hosting workshops adding 5 figures each year- working only part-time. In this e-course, learn everything you need to know to design and deliver a well-crafted workshop that can be offered again and again.

The Online Experience

Discover how you can take your signature workshop  online to grow your following and create a lifestyle around doing what you love. You were meant to reach a broader community. Explore the connection between workshops & courses, and learn how you can build a lifestyle around what excites and inspires you.

All lessons are presented in a beautiful engaging format.

Meet your Instructor

Hilary L Hahn is an entrepreneur, expert & artist. She has taught hundreds of signature workshops which led to  collaborations with tops brands: Jenni Kayne, Vince, Herman Miller & Molton Brown to name a few. She guides a community of creatives, experts, and entrepreneurs to spark growth within their own small businesses & artistic brands. Hilary lectures at top colleges in the U.S. She loves working with creatives, teachers, and entrepreneurs to support business minded creatives ready to achieve their goals and reach for their dreams.