Intro to Natural Dyes: Primary


Dye Course outline

Module 1 – Intro to Natural Dyeing
You’ll learn:

  • What tools and materials are needed
  • How to select your fibers
  • How to scour & mordant

Module 2 – Intro to Pomegranate Dye 

  • History of pomegranate dye
  • How to dye with pomegranate
  • Learn why no tannin is needed

Module 3 – Historic Madder Root Dye 

  • What Madder root is
  • How to dye with Madder root to achieve reds
  • Consider Madder combinations

Module 4 – Ferrous Indigo Vat 

  • How to create an indigo stock
  • How to tie & bind fibers: Yanagi Shibori
  • Process of dyeing with a Natural Indigo Vat

This online course is a natural dyers dream come true! Learn about Natural Dyes through this exciting e-course Introduction to Natural Dyes.

Explore the magical world of natural dyes in this 4 part-course. In this course, you will work with 3 fundamental dyes and understanding the associated processes, such as mordanting, mordanting with tannin and scouring.

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of natural dyeing in a relaxed setting with guided lessons?

Maybe you want guidance or like the opportunity to work alongside a virtual community.

Join in the digital course as natural dyer, Hilary L Hahn guides you through dye-stuffs: Pomegranate, Madder Root and Indigo. You will learn from videos and go-through the experience of natural dyeing in the studio process video. First, you will learn how to prepare your fabrics for dye and then learn from some the results of some of the dyers who participated in my Natural Dye Group.

This is a hands-on dye course, and we will focus on one dye per unit. I selected these 3 dye-stuffs as essentials because of the colors they yield and the endless possibilities of under-dyes and overlays.

The hues of golden pomegranate, vermilion madder root, and indigo blue hues makes this course a study in the primary colors of the world of natural dyes. If you would like to gain experience working with authentic dyes that can be colorfast and lightfast, then this is the course for you.

If you are a sustainable textile enthusiast or the owner of a fashion line, then this is the course to unlock your creativity while exploring new methods. You will see participants, up-cycle their current wardrobe or linens alongside you.

If you have already enrolled via the artist’s site then, you will be receiving your invitation to register for our next session of the course which begins on September 14th.


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