Have you ever wondered how other experts and creative entrepreneurs are making money and growing their community as they start their business?

If you are an expert with tons of great content, you might be wishing you had a proven way to grow your brand. It might feel like the other experts have some magical recipe for growing their following and making a profit, when in reality they have learned one important skill to get noticed along the way. 

You might be thinking…if only I could find the right people to buy my work then I could grow the business of my entrepreneurial dreams. I am here to share that with enough eyes on you and opportunities flowing in- you might even feel ready to leave your day job and make your side hustle your full time gig. 

Would you love to share your passion, your creativity or your expertise in a workshop while earning an income?  

Do other entrepreneurs have some secret recipe for growth? 

All of the clients & success can happen for you too.

You can turn your passion into a thriving creative brand without running paid ads, mastering a ton of tech, or hiring an expensive marketing team.

Learning how to Profit from Workshops you will earn income while building an engaged community - the key to being in business for the long haul.

Every month is a profitable one.  I receive emails to share my passion and my expertise. This always leads to additional sales. I feel confident that new opportunities will flow to me each month because people love what I’m sharing. I discovered how to leverage my knowledge and passion to build my community of ideal clients. Every month, I grow my community and earn money instead of paying money for leads. 

It might feel like other experts and creative entrepreneurs all have some magic formula for success. But in fact, some might even be spending massive amounts of money on advertising and PR. That’s pretty hard to do- when you are starting up your business. You might be surprised to learn that even huge brands are investing in signature workshops. At this time- people are starting to figure out that workshops are they key to tapping into the authenticity and expertise of your brand. You can be one of the leaders in the the movement to hosting workshops!!  

Let's take a look at what you will receive inside each unit of the course, but first let's talk about community and bonuses!

  • Lay the foundation for an incredible workshop. 
  • Master your mindset through action and affirmation.
  • Choose a profitable topic. 
  • Identify and align with your ideal clients. 
  • Learn how to make sure your workshop will sell out before creating it.
  • Follow these steps to map out your ideal workshop and profit. 
  • Learn my secret strategy to get consistent traffic to your website. 
  • Learn everything from how to select the perfect location and date for your event. 
  • Price your workshop correctly using 1 of 4 formulas that I share. 
  • Learn to attract in the right guests with your workshops description.
  • Craft photos, flyers and graphics that pre-sell your workshop
  • Learn what makes a good photo that sells. 
  • Discover free user friendly software that millions are using to create simple stunning graphics that sell. 
  • Announce and promote your workshop.  
  • Follow a simple strategy to sell out your first workshops. 
  • Learn ways to increase workshop sales. 
  • Discover which online platforms to use to promote your workshops. 
  • How to prepare for your workshop.   
  • How to structure your workshop for the best results. 
  • Learn ways to confidently present at your workshop. 
  • Discover how to maximize your growth beyond first workshop. 
  • Plan your next workshop and keep growing! 

Let's get started, so you can start earning!

You need a step-by-step method to follow to get your workshops going!

It might feel like other experts and creative entrepreneurs all have some magic formula that they are following, but the truth is only very few know what I am about to teach you, and many big brands have started to take notice. What if there was a strategy that you could use? Would you like to know it? 

I know because I have worked with them! Are you ready to share your expertise while growing your biz?! 

Inside Profit from workshops- I share my simple and powerful strategies with you- so that you can take advantage of everything that I have learned over the past 5 years hosting.

With the Profit from Workshops method, I grew my workshops business to five figures in my first year and grew my audience without investing a ton of money. With this simple method, I always profit in more ways than one- when I share my expertise. 

What entrepreneurs are saying...

"Hilary is so amazing, kind and knowledgeable in her niche of teaching how to profit from workshops for creatives! Speaking to her helped me gain so much clarity and confidence to take my next step in teaching my own art courses. She gave me actionable guidance and direction that's worth it's weight in gold."
- Vani Shukla
Felt Flower Designer
"Hilary has been an inspiration from her advice to her easy to follow program which guides creatives in a direction that furthers their endeavors. She helped me to realize my potential and guided me on a path to be more fulfilled in this pursuit. I am ready to put my plans into action!"
- Aysha M.
Creative Director