Interview with Social Media Expert, Carolyn Heefner

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Meet, Carolyn Heefner! She teaches us how to land clients through FB groups! I love hearing from experts in the industry to guide me ways I had not previously considered. 

Carolyn Heefner specializes in creating Facebook & Instagram ads and social media coaching that make entrepreneurs money. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, so she understand the needs and risks of owning your own business. You need someone who understands your business and treats it like their own. Helping clients make their digital marketing goals a reality, and getting them results that make them money is her passion. In this business, nothing makes her more excited than to see clients succeed. She is also a wife and a proud momma of 2 beautiful baby girls (1 of which is due this fall). Having her first daughter, gave her the push her needed to build this business, be home with her full time and watch her grow. One of the biggest reasons she chose to launch this company, is so she can show her she doesn’t have to choose between being a mom and having a career, she can have both.  

Without further ado, let’s dive right in to the interview! 
Carolyn, we are so excited to have you as the expert in our group this week. Can you please tell us what gets you excited about Social Media? 

I absolutely love being able to help my clients and Facebook group members produce results they can actually SEE. It is seriously my passion. Whether it’s creating a funnel and a set of Facebook ads that reach their ideal audience or organic marketing that helps them, land clients, through their social, it is just so inspiring to see people get results through Facebook and Instagram.

I have experienced the power of social media to make meaningful connections? What should we be doing right now? 

The biggest thing, I believe, that is so important about making meaningful connections through social media, is creating authentic engagement through your own platforms and in Facebook groups. 
Showing your value, helping people with advice in your niche, adding a call to action in your posts and stories, creating helpful content that shows you’re an expert in your niche, commenting on people’s posts in Facebook groups and helping them, all of these things add up and truly move the needle when it comes to making connections and networking through social. So if you’re not doing those yet – definitely start today!

Since FB ads are your specialty. Can you please share how course creators be leveraging FB ads to their benefit?

Oh girl there are so many ways to leverage Facebook ads as a course creator.
My first piece of advice would be to create a funnel – run ads and introduce yourself to a cold audience, provide something free (a webinar/live video series/workshop), and show people what you do and why you’re the expert in your field.
Then once you’ve captured their attention – retarget them through Facebook and Instagram ads with a low-cost offer. Once they purchase, move them up through the next level of your funnel to your course. Creating an effective funnel as a course creator is such an excellent way to ensure your course grow

Meet Carolyn Heefner, Owner of Bella Social Creative.

Do you have any tips or tricks to help our ads perform their very best? 

Yes make sure you test everything. From your funnel, to creative to copy to audiences. You want to be testing what resonates with each audience. 
And you must know that Facebook ads are an investment. They take time and money but they do work, you just have to know that they’re an investment and just because you throw money at a boosted post doesn’t mean you’re going to see an immediate return. These things take testing and time! 

Is every-one ready to dive into FB ads or is there something you recommend that we do first?! 

If you’re wanting to run FB/IG ads, I would recommend you do your research on the best practices to run Facebook ads. Read Facebook’s policies and the Facebook ad blueprint. 
And if you don’t have the time or the patience to learn about this ever-changing medium, you should look into hiring someone who specializes in your niche to run them for you. The reason I say that is because you don’t want to go wasting a ton of money and time doing it yourself with nothing to show for it!

How important is it to consistently post on social and is there one platform that you see the best results? Any parting advice? 

If you want your pages to grow and you want your audience to consistently engage it is super important to stay consistent in your posting on social. And not only that but you should be commenting on your follower’s posts, responding to their stories, researching hashtags, and using various hashtags to grow your page. This is so important to your social growth. I see a lot of great engagement through Instagram and in Facebook groups. But I’m on there every day engaging and posting stories. So if you want to grow – be sure to engage and network with people! 

We thank you for sharing your expertise with our readers! You can find Carolyn on Facebook at BellaSocialCreative. 

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