The Workshop Blueprint


Get clarity and direction on your next steps with Your Workshop Blueprint.

Are you eager to create workshops, lessons, and courses and/or take them online? In your session, you will determine your signature workshop topic, your audience, as well as define your goals and mission! It’s exciting to visualize your growth and get clear on your next steps!

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What does your phone session and blueprint include? 
Our phone session, we will determine your signature workshop topic, your audience, a mini-description and determine the reasons why workshops, lessons, and courses can be beneficial to you. If you desire absolute clarity in your business, mapping out your goals and mission is an essential step for you.

After our call you will be mailed the full copy of Your Workshop Blueprint (sneak peek attached) which includes your next steps in the process.

This understanding and knowledge has taken has taken me years to refine Last year, I added 5 figures to my business through in person and online classes, and know I’d like to help guide more creatives to creative freedom.

Reserve now for only $1 and you will only pay the balance after our session. I want to make sure that you love your blueprint. I want to personally help as many creative entrepreneurs as possible during this crisis, so I am currently offering 50% off my regular blueprint fee, making it only $47 for your session.


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