The Creative Workshop Toolkit is an email course for creatives to help you plan your creative workshop effectively. Get ready to start planning your dream workshop quickly today!


What if you could plan your next workshop in 14 days?

Are you ready to get started planning your next workshop today? In this 6-lesson email course, you will gain all the tips and strategies to plan your best creative workshop! Every 2 days, you will receive an email with a lesson that you can put into action bringing you one step closer to launching your top workshop til-date.

In under 2 weeks, you will:

  • choose your topic
  • do your competitor research
  • select an ideal location & date
  • price your workshop
  • create an enticing description
  • connect and reflect with our private group of creatives
  • receive the workshop proposal as a bonus (value $37) 

With this planning toolkit, your plans will be all mapped out and ready to go! 

This toolkit is for those who just need a little guidance on how to set up their workshops. This will not teach you how to create a workshop business, how to sell your workshops, or what platforms to consider. If you take this course and decide to go further. You can apply your coursework to our signature Profit from Workshops program. 


Valued at $147

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