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Are you ready to get started planning your next workshop right away? In this 6-lesson email course, you will gain all the tips and strategies to plan your best creative workshop! Every 2 days, you will receive an email with a lesson that you can put into action bringing you one step closer to launching your best workshop to date. In 2 weeks, you will choose your topic, do your competitor research, select an ideal location & date, price your workshop and create an enticing workshop description. With this planning toolkit, your Creative Workshop plans will be all mapped out. When you sign up below, you will receive the first lesson to your inbox today!


If you’d like to grow your creative business using the power live workshops, then this course is for you! In this 6 week, e-course, you will learn how I earn thousands each month hosting in-person workshops. I will share all the strategies that I have used to build my business from the start. The Creative Workshop Formula covers all you need to know to build and fill your workshop with your ideal people. You will learn everything from planning to implementation and beyond. Not only will you create your dream workshop, but you will learn how to use workshops to scale your brand through brand collaborations and private lessons. You will receive: a roadmap, pricing template, image guide, proposal template and more to help you grow your creative brand and host your own lucrative workshops.
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"I am excited to share all the tools and strategies that I have used to grow my Creative brand through live workshop hosting!"
Hilary L Hahn